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Hand & Foot Reflexology Massage for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Reflexology is a massage treatment that stimulates reflex points linked to organs and various parts of the body. These points are found in areas on the hands and feet and pressure applied to them can help in treatment for various illnesses and ailments as well as relieving tension.

Benefits of Reflexology Treatment

  • Stimulation of the central nervous system
  • Prevention of migraines
  • Blood circulation improvements
  • Shortens recovery time after injury
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Deep state of relaxation
  • Reduces sleep disorders
  • Pain relief
  • Relieves depression and anxiety symptoms

Who is it For?

Reflexology is a type of massage that can be beneficial as a part of illness treatment or as a preventative therapy. Hence, whether you suffer from any kind of stress or ailment or you are perfectly healthy, the reflexology treatment is beneficial for you. As the therapy stimulates points linked to the central nervous system, your body relieves itself of stress, which increases the healing and regeneration rate. As a result, toxins diminish faster and the recovery time after suffered injuries is shorter. Finally, reflexology therapy improves your immune system, which is important in recovery and prevention of illnesses, such as colds and flu.

People suffering from mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, benefit from reflexology treatments, too. The therapy creates a deep state of relaxation, which diminishes the symptoms of the aforementioned ailments. Stimulation of the pressure points located on the hands and feet sends signals to the brain and internal organs, improving the circulation of energy. This allows the affected organs to function better, many of which cannot be targeted with standard massage treatments.

The therapy is especially helpful in relieving tensions and pain caused by migraines and other headaches. In many cases, tensions that affect areas of the neck and head are the primary cause of headaches. Thankfully, there are many pressure points on the feet and hands linked to these tension areas. Through improved circulation to affected areas, reflexology massage can relieve pain associated symptoms.

The Buppha Difference

The Buppha massage treatment, available in Williamstown, helps you to lessen the physical and mental stress that accumulates in life. Our staff are highly professional and experienced, and our massage therapists will help you in restoring your body’s energy, which is essential in your well-being.

While our experts massage reflex points on your feet and hands, they eliminate aches and pains caused by a stressful life. Therefore, if you suffer from ailments such as headaches, chronic pain, bouncing moods or sleep disorders, the Buppha massage can help. The therapy is also good as a treatment for better recovery after suffering injury and to boost your immune system.


Reflexology (30mins)………………………………………$45

Reflexology (45mins)………………………………………$65

Reflexology (60mins)………………………………………$80

We use a premium almond oil for our massages.

If you require organic oil, we can offer an organic coconut oil for an additional $10.

For Aromatherapy, oil is not required, but if you would like your massage therapist to use oil there is an additional $5 fee.

Our prices are very competitive given the skill, experience and expertise of our massage therapists and we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer. We have a number of special offers and discounts particularly for our loyal customers who visit us frequently.

Please note, however that management reserves the right to update or change both the services on offer and associated prices at any time.